Piling and Caisson Drilling

Photo shows work at Legacy Suites Parking Garage, Tallahassee, Florida, where Bell Foundation Company, LLC converted Augercast Piling and Pile caps to 60 inch diameter drilled caissons 55 feet deep at a tremendous savings for the project in both time and cost.

Bell Foundation Company an expert in drilled caissons, drilled shafts, drilled piling

Bell Foundation Company is a family business established 56 years ago.  Our piling and soil skills have never been questioned. We are capable of installing pilings from 18 inches in diameter to 72 inches diameter.  Our maximum bell size is 132 inches.  We are familiar with all types of soil conditions ranging from Miami through the panhandle of Florida and South Georgia which includes a number of jobs for mining companies.

Bell Foundation Company has the solution for jobs that seem almost impossible.  

No job is too large or too small to discount the use of caissons.  The versatility of modern earth boring equipment and techniques assures you of a safe and economic drilled caisson foundation under most sub-surface conditions.  

Environmental Site Remediation & Commercial Piling Foundations

Bell Foundation Company provides drilled caissons, drilled shafts, drilled piling for commercial building foundations and has been in business since 1956 serving the South East United States with quality unsurpassed in the industry.  

Bell Foundation Company is the original Patent Holder of the "Roto Mix Slurry Piling Process" and the originator of the "L.D.A. Interlocking System" used for Environmental Remediation when needed for structural Integrity of a project site.