1982 Jeff Burgess breaking ground for new seating at

Doak Campbell Stadium, Florida State University,

Tallahassee Florida

Environmental Site Remediation & Commercial Piling Foundations

Bell Foundation Company, LLC 

Drilled Caissons in Florida and the South East

FSU, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL

Numerous phases of drilled Caissons 

Science Research Facility at Florida A & M

Switched from auger cast piles to Caissons at a tremendous savings in cost and time by eliminating multiple piles and pile caps

City of Tallahassee - Transmission Lines

6 Foot diameter Caissons up to 50 foot depth

BASF Minerals & Chemicals, Attapulgus, GA

Numerous Caisson projects 

Union Street Station, Gainesville, FL

Caissons for multi-story Business/Residential Complex

Bronson Field Pensacola NAS

Environmental Remediation Site, 124 - 5 Foot L.D.A.'s with 1,087 Yards Flowable Fill

Ft. Myers Dry Cleaner

Environmental Remediation, Drilled 18 inch diameter holes through rock for system installation 

Havana Florida Texaco

Environmental Remediation, Drilled 5 foot L.D.A.'s to form retaining wall for structural integrity of roadway 

Quincy Farm Project

Environmental Remediation, Drilled 36 inch L.D.A.'s to remove contaminated soil

​City Centre Parking Garage

​Repair of existing foundation of parking structure, Installed 24 inch diameter caissons to form retaining wall to remove soils to 20 foot depth to access existing piling for repair 

The Centre of Tallahassee

Installed numerous drilled caissons, some with 92 inch diameter bells for foundation of new arena 

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